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Citroën spare parts, accessories & services


For more than 100 years, Citroën has been committed to offering you the very best in automotive know-how. Our passionate network experts offer services for all your needs, with parts and labour included. The brand also provides an offering tailored to the spare parts used in the Citroën network to maintain your vehicle.


Adapted revision packages

Because vehicles no longer hold any secrets for the experts of the Citroën network, rest assured of the proper maintenance of your vehicle in the brand's workshops. Take advantage of an overhaul program at the best price, and ensure real driving safety. Depending on the age of your car, Citroën experts offer packages tailored to your needs.

Original Citroën packages

Citroën Origine packages are made from original Citroën parts. In addition to guaranteeing you insurance and comfort during the overhaul of your car, the brand ensures quality, reliability and longevity requirements similar to the parts present when your car left the factory. Have an all-inclusive offer labor and original parts guaranteed for 1 year.


If your car is more than three years old, perhaps you would like to have it serviced at a lower cost? Take advantage of Citroën Avantage packages. Designed from multi-brand parts selected and validated by Citroën engineers for cars 3 years old and over, these allow you to better control your budget. Note that Eurorepar parts are guaranteed for 2 years throughout the network of authorized Citroën repairers.


A selection of spare parts

The Citroën network offers you a wide choice of spare parts for your car. Between original parts, multi-brand parts, second-hand parts or the repair of your equipment, the experts adapt to your requests and try to find the best solution for a better controlled budget.

The original parts

For the maintenance of your Citroën, be as demanding as when buying it: choose original parts, developed from the design of your car. Citroën original parts are all tested by experts (reliability, resistance, endurance, and specific tests related to the parts concerned, such as impact tests) and have specifications identical to those used in the manufacture of the cars. You can ride in peace!

These parts are distributed throughout the Citroën network, all over the world.

Multi-brand parts

Buying cheaper spare parts for your Citroën is possible. Checked by our experts and guaranteed for 2 years, Eurorepar multi-brand parts lower the cost of maintenance for cars over 3 years old, and are available from all authorized repairers with a full range of 12,000 references.

Refurbished parts

Give a second life to spare parts (even the engine!) and thus contribute to the preservation of the environment: this is possible thanks to the standard exchange. Used parts from repairers are refurbished according to a strict process, with the same requirements as those of the original parts.

Citroën offers you a wide range of refurbished, repaired or used parts, and always guaranteed! Save up to 40% compared to a new part.

Used parts

In order to lower the price of maintenance, your garage can offer you an estimate based on used parts. Lower the price of your parts by up to 50% compared to new parts! Affordable, quality repair. These parts have been selected from reno partners, certified in excellent condition, they are ready for reuse on your car.


Equip your Citroën as well as possible according to its use with a wide selection of accessories. Have a range comprising more than 2,500 references including transport solutions (roof boxes, coupling, etc.), safety or comfort equipment. You will find these accessories in the network or directly online in our accessories shop.