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Services for the maintenance of your Citroën vehicle

Destination zen

With Citizen stay zen after buying your vehicle. This service program has been designed to make all the moments in your life with your Citroën easier.


My search for the best workshop

Thanks to Citroën Advisor, discover the opinions left by our customers on the quality of the services in our workshops.

You can choose your workshop in complete transparency and express yourself on your Citroën customer experience.


My vehicle dropped off whenever I want

Thanks to Citroën Service 24/7, you can drop off your vehicle at our workshop at any time of the day or night. Just follow the on-screen instructions to drop off or pick up your vehicle, in the blink of an eye, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will contact you by SMS to send you all the useful information.

If you opt for a courtesy vehicle, you pick up and drop off the keys in the same way.





My video validation of the interventions to be carried out

Videocheck is an innovative service used after-sales for additional work in the workshop.

During an intervention, if necessary operations are identified when they were not initially planned, you are notified by the workshop.

Thanks to videocheck, in complete transparency, you receive a video of the operations to be carried out on your vehicle. The work proposal, which you are free to accept or refuse, is sent to you by SMS or email. You can thus validate the associated estimate remotely, or even refuse it.

By grouping the operations to be carried out on your car, the Videocheck service allows you to save time.


My update of my GPS cartography

Your navigation system needs updated map data to function optimally. This is why Citroën suggests that you regularly update the map material.